Dear Jezreel,
“… toilet paper and diapers — simple goods, but ones that people need on a daily basis, and what they have to buy week after week. Hard to do if you don’t have a job. Shouldn’t the immigrants get busy, get out there and get jobs? Without fluent Hebrew, they cannot even read the want ads, let alone hold a regular job. . .
But G-d has not forgotten those He called back to the Land. Those He calls, He takes care of, and He uses you and me to accomplish it.
Jezreel International’s latest container donation to the Joseph Project was filled with many paper goods items, as well as medical equipment that will go to the government hospitals especially near the Sderot area where they had to endure continual Qassam missile strikes from nearby Gaza. Included also were hygiene items that we are already starting to distribute, starting with helping the homeless in Jerusalem, others will go to lone disabled Israelis without family, living in institutions, and other needy places.

Thank you so much to your donors for contributing to containers for Israel via Jezreel International and the Joseph Project.
So many people benefit and are grateful!”

With blessings,
Jo Kaplan,
Executive Director
Joseph Project, Israel

Lisa Whistler