For me and my tortured refugee beneficiaries’ behalf, I want to express my Gratitude and gratefulness to you for the great humanitarian aid which you’ve provided us with for over one year. I’m thankful for your trust to our organization and I reckon the photos which I’m sending are the vivid proof. I consider we will continue our co-operation later on since the Inhabitants of Armenian regional villages mostly need your assistance. We are convinced in that while delivering and distributing the aid (clothes). Very often they request us to take so many clothes, as they are really in The need of that! There are many beneficiary families which are willing to write you a letter of gratefulness, but I explain to them that I do that instead of them. They asked me to give you their words, which I’m doing with pleasure:
“Our greatest regards to our American brothers and sisters, Let God bless that kindest nation and always be on their side!”
This was my nation’s wish to all of you. I hope our co-operation will have its future. I’m once more grateful to you.

“Caravan – 88″ CPO
President Z. Julhakyan

Sara Green