Here is a letter we received from a a woman who drove all the way from New Jersey to get toys for 100 children for the child protection agency in her city.

Dear Jezreel, This letter comes with a heart full of thanksgiving to you and your staff. Congregation Beth Chofesh is so grateful for the toys and baby supplies that you were able to supply to the children. When Howard and I were in the warehouse, we were welcomed “to take as much as you need”. The love of God permeated the room. Your arms were open wide to share the goodness of the Lord. It blessed me tremendously to see God’s workers in action to help the needy. On Monday, I was able to speak with Mrs. Ingram from the Child Protection Agency. Hopefully, she will be able to send us pictures from their holiday event. As Mrs. Ingram relayed to me, “It was a memorable and wonderful time for the children. every child received a gift.” As the children are not in their own homes at this season, “It was a moment of happiness for all of them”. The dolls were a big hit.

Once again, thank you for sharing God’s heart with children who are in emotional distress and without their parents at this time. I pray God continues to bless you and your ministry with abundance from the storehouses of heaven. Prov 14:21 ‘Blessed is he who is kind to the needy.’

In God’s Service, Mary Abbott