Dear Jezreel,
“… toilet paper and diapers — simple goods, but ones that people need on a daily basis, and what they have to buy week after week. Hard to do if you don’t have a job. Shouldn’t the immigrants get busy, get out there and get jobs? Without fluent Hebrew, they cannot even read the want ads, let alone hold a regular job. . .
But G-d has not forgotten those He called back to the Land. Those He calls, He takes care of, and He uses you and me to accomplish it.
Jezreel International’s latest container donation to the Joseph Project was filled with many paper goods items, as well as medical equipment that will go to the government hospitals especially near the Sderot area where they had to endure continual Qassam missile strikes from nearby Gaza. Included also were hygiene items that we are already starting to distribute, starting with helping the homeless in Jerusalem, others will go to lone disabled Israelis without family, living in institutions, and other needy places.

Thank you so much to your donors for contributing to containers for Israel via Jezreel International and the Joseph Project.
So many people benefit and are grateful!”

With blessings,
Jo Kaplan,
Executive Director
Joseph Project, Israel



For me and my tortured refugee beneficiaries’ behalf, I want to express my Gratitude and gratefulness to you for the great humanitarian aid which you’ve provided us with for over one year. I’m thankful for your trust to our organization and I reckon the photos which I’m sending are the vivid proof. I consider we will continue our co-operation later on since the Inhabitants of Armenian regional villages mostly need your assistance. We are convinced in that while delivering and distributing the aid (clothes). Very often they request us to take so many clothes, as they are really in The need of that! There are many beneficiary families which are willing to write you a letter of gratefulness, but I explain to them that I do that instead of them. They asked me to give you their words, which I’m doing with pleasure:
“Our greatest regards to our American brothers and sisters, Let God bless that kindest nation and always be on their side!”
This was my nation’s wish to all of you. I hope our co-operation will have its future. I’m once more grateful to you.

“Caravan – 88” CPO
President Z. Julhakyan



Jezreel makes the headlines of Counterpart International’s newsletter! Counterpart is the United States government’s humanitarian aid agency within the State Department. We were picked for the lead story below!



Here is a letter we received from a a woman who drove all the way from New Jersey to get toys for 100 children for the child protection agency in her city.

Dear Jezreel, This letter comes with a heart full of thanksgiving to you and your staff. Congregation Beth Chofesh is so grateful for the toys and baby supplies that you were able to supply to the children. When Howard and I were in the warehouse, we were welcomed “to take as much as you need”. The love of God permeated the room. Your arms were open wide to share the goodness of the Lord. It blessed me tremendously to see God’s workers in action to help the needy. On Monday, I was able to speak with Mrs. Ingram from the Child Protection Agency. Hopefully, she will be able to send us pictures from their holiday event. As Mrs. Ingram relayed to me, “It was a memorable and wonderful time for the children. every child received a gift.” As the children are not in their own homes at this season, “It was a moment of happiness for all of them”. The dolls were a big hit.

Once again, thank you for sharing God’s heart with children who are in emotional distress and without their parents at this time. I pray God continues to bless you and your ministry with abundance from the storehouses of heaven. Prov 14:21 ‘Blessed is he who is kind to the needy.’

In God’s Service, Mary Abbott

Dear Jezreel,

You have touched the hearts of so many people during this holiday season in such a special way. I would like to take a moment and thank you for helping several local churches and community agencies.
St. John Church Of God In Christ , Supt. McKinley Johnson;
Parsons Memorial C.O.G.I.C., Pastor Richard Parsons;
Higher Ground C.O.G.I.C., Elder Dwayne McPherson;
Consecration Temple C.O.G.I.C.,
Pastor Thaddeus Williams; Grace Temple C.O.G.I.C.,
Pastor Marvin Graham; Revelation C.O.G.I.C., and Pastor Leo Trotter;
These are just a few churches in this area that have been touched by the Jezreel distributions. Councilman Corrie Ellis was instrumental in connecting Jezreel with families at Trinity Institute, to assure that children in the community would receive toys and other items during this season. Families were provided transportation to and from the Jezreel in an effort to help, share and support families. We would like to personally thank Rabbi and Toni Feinman, Lorenzo Hodges and the staff for their love for people everywhere. It has truly been felt and received during this most difficult season for many families. Jezreel has been a blessing, not only to the tri-city area but internationally. I want to thank you again for having a heart for the less fortunate and spreading hope in this tri-city area.

Pastor Richard Parsons

Jezreel International,

Words cannot express all that you have done and continue to do for both our organization and children in the NYS Capital Region and its surrounding counties. As you know, our mission is to provide both immediate and ongoing services to children that have experienced extensive abuse and/or neglect and those in at-risk situations. In 2010, we provided aid to 5,892 children throughout NYS. While keeping with our mission, we set a goal to never have to turn a child away due to a lack of funds. It is only through the help of Jezreel that we have been able to keep up with this goal. You have provided us with basic necessities such as diapers, baby wipes, shampoo, etc., that have benefited families struggling through poverty, and allowed many of them to stay with their biological families as a result of your hard work and generosity.

Today is a perfect example of the Jezreel way. We had a child that was placed in foster care that had been misdiagnosed with a psychiatric condition. The foster family struggled greatly to provide him with a safe environment, but without a crib or a playpen they were unable. We were informed that unless we could come up with a playpen at the very least, this little boy will spend the holiday weekend in a psychiatric center. After finding out that every other agency had closed a few days before the Christmas holiday I decided to give Jezreel a call. I was immediately greeted by the overwhelming enthusiasm of Garry, and a genuine concern for this child’s safety. Though playpens are not something that you normally provide, Garry went out of his way to assist me in coordinating necessary equipment to ensure this little boy’s safety. Thanks to our coordination of efforts with Jezreel International, literally thousands of children each year are provided with basic necessities for transport to safety, and thousands more have since become self-sufficient following their time of crisis. The little boy we assisted today is one of them, and with your help, I am confident in 2012 there will be thousands more.

On behalf of Things of My Very Own, Inc., I thank you.

Sincerely, Rayn Boncie, CEO and Founder

The Lord has used Jezreel to sow desperately needed provisions into more than 30 countries – numerous hospitals, clinics, shelters, children’s homes, storehouses for terrorist victims, food pantries, soup kitchens, missions, battered women’s shelters, and birthright facilities.